3 Woodworm Double Canopy Golf Umbrellas

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    Woodworm Double Canopy 60” Umbrella

    We know you love deals, that's why you're here right?

    This deal is hard to beat. For this low price, you'll get 3 premium Woodworm golf umbrellas, each one 60" in size, perfect for covering you and your clubs.

    Why not leave one in your golf bag, one in your boot, and one at home, so you're never caught out.

    The double canopy design means that it doesn't become a huge wind trap and turn inside out, and the strong fibreglass-finish nylon frame is extremely durable for years of use.


    • Double canopy design to prevent inverting in high winds
    • Ergonomic handle offers improved comfort and grip
    • 60" frame with 4ft diamater for coverage of you and your clubs
    • Nylon frame with fibreglass finish - flexible, strong and wind resilient

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